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Grading Criteria

Make sure you know your  grading requirements

Grading criteria is followed in all CWK clubs and ensures that all students receive equal opportunities to prepare for grading. 

Gradings will only be made available to students who meet the required criteria in full and then only when approved by their Instructor.

All students must:

  • Have an up to date Licence in order to grade. Students must ensure this is in place prior to the date of grading.

  • Attend the workshops required against their grading criteria.

  • Ensure all workshops and sparring sessions are entered in their Licence Books on the day of attendance and signed by an authorised Instructor.


Workshops are held at Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre:

  • Grading Workshops: 1st Friday of each month.

  • Sparring workshops: Every Sunday unless we are attending competitions or the centre is closed.

We are aware that not everybody can make a Sunday morning sparring class and occasionally host a Friday evening sparring workshop.

If you have not met your criteria you cannot grade.

If a student fails their grading they can retake it free of charge once only.

Please find the number workshops required between gradings below.

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